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Ms. Todd, and the Hot Toddy

January 31, 2010

On this cold, cold night, What could be better than curling up with an old movie, a knitting project and a stiff drink!

May we suggest a wander back to 1932…..

The Drink:

Miss 1932’s Hot Toddy

3/4 glass  Strong, hot brewed Gunpowder black tea

1tbsp honey

1 slice lemon

2 shots Bulleit Bourbon, Frontier Whisky

-Brew tea. Stir in honey, lemon slice. Pour into a glass. Add Bourbon.

-There are many versions of the recipe. I like Gunpowder black tea because it has a strong, smoky flavor that compliments the honey bite and oak finish of the Bulleit Bourbon, but any tea, whisky or brandy can be used.

-additions include, cinnamon stick, cloves, and/or star anise

Groucho: You know, if you hadn’t sent for me I’d probably be home now in a nice warm bedroom, in a comfortable bed, with a hot toddy. That’s a drink!

ChicoAt’sa too bad! – At the Circus

The woman behind the drink:

Ms. Thelma Todd aka Hot Toddy, was a lovely, brilliant actress and ‘straight-woman’. Over her 9 years in Hollywood, she appeared in 70 films, sharing the screen with such comedic greats as the Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, and Buster Keaton, before she came to an untimely end on December 16th, 1935 at the young age of 29.

Found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in the front seat of her 1932 Packard convertible, the “incident” (theories cover the gambit: accident, suicide, murder) became one the most notorious cases of the golden age of Hollywood.

The Film:

Horse feathers (1932), starring The Marx Brothers and Ms. Thelma Todd

The knitting Project:

I’ll leave this up to you, but I do recommend checking out Zeppo (the 4th brother’s) great collegiate letterman sweater (among others) in Horse Feathers.

Have a lovely evening,


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  1. February 2, 2010 8:28 am

    What a lovely and informative post! It’s almost like being in a room with you, love it! Many thanks and cheers.

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