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Public art project – call for artists

February 3, 2010

The 2nd annual “First Craft of Spring

(project has it’s own website at the above link)

Deadline: March 19th, 2010

Booze & Yarn, along with artists working in every medium will be “planting” daffodils across this urban landscape, as a statement that grassroots organizing CAN make a difference. Last year the project was a great success, with artists across the country creating unique and beautiful flowers. Please join us!

1. The only flower type to be used for this project is the Daffodil.

2. Daffodils can be knitted, crocheted, sewn, drawn, screened. Any artistic medium is accepted.

2. Each flower should have a tag with a positive message or quote. You can use any message you want. The tag should be easily visible to viewers

3. Each tag must say below the quote: “First Craft of Spring

4. On March 20th, earlier in the day the better, find locations anywhere on your daily route, and “plant” your flowers.

5. Take a photograph of each flower you plant. Cell phone pictures are fine in a pinch.

6. Make as many flowers as you can, and plant them anywhere and everywhere.

7. Email them to me to post to the blog with a location, your name, and  the art medium used. You can also include contact details to you, your artwork or your website.

Please pass this call for artists on to as many people in as many cities as possible.

Click here for the knitted daffodil pattern.

Hope you all can participate in this public art experiment!

Please email me with any questions, or for more information)


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