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Isle of Manhattan cocktail

November 28, 2011

Join Booze & Yarn tomorrow night for a Manhattan sipped over a pile of yarn and some good conversation!


Otto’s Shrunken Head, 538 East 14st

Stick around after for Cine Meccanica, screening Knightriders (1981) at 9pm!

The history of the Manhattan has a fairly convincing story behind it, only because it is so often repeated. Basically the drink was made for Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill’s mother at the Manhattan Club in the 1870’s and it was thoroughly enjoyed and became popular. The story has been picked apart and it seems it may not be true. The reality is that the Manhattan was probably one of the five borough cocktails (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queen’s and the Staten Island cocktail) made to represent the parts of New York city. – Art of the Drink

1 1/2oz Bourbon – I recommend Makers Mark

1/4oz Sweet Vermouth

dash of Stirrings Blood Orange Bitter

Garnish – Marashcino cherry

I also like to call this a “Rumble Seat Manhattan” ever since turning the trunk of a 1979 Lincoln into a cocktail lounge the night before The 2904, 2009

Corinna Mantlo, Photo by David Cohen

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