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2014 Winter Schedule

November 22, 2014

372906_115836051863775_172258892_n2014 Winter Schedule

Day: Every Wednesday night! but please follow the FACEBOOK PAGE for weekly updates and occasional cancellations

Time: 6-8pm

Place: Lady Jay’s Brooklyn, 633 Grand St (bet Leonard & Manhattan), Bklyn, NY 11211

Details: Stop by Lady Jay’s Brooklyn any and every Wednesday from 6-8pm. Introduce yourself to Booze & Yarn founder Corinna Mantlo behind the bar and settle in for a booze craft session.

For all beginners: Be sure to bring an easy to work with ball of yarn and needles. We recommend a light color (it’s a dark bar) and a plain yarn (like a thick wool) as slippery, thin yarns can be hard to work with at first. For needles, go with a larger size like an 8 or 10 straight needle. Be sure to let your local yarn store know you are a beginner and they will help you select a good first timer kit. Your first night, you will be casting on and working on a practice scarf to get your skills down.

For intermediate & Advanced knitters: Just bring your lovely selves and whatever project you are working on. We will be on hand for questions, tips and moral support.

The skinny: Booze & Yarn is open to all (over 21 please as it’s a bar), and is a free, informal class and social circle for knitters of all levels. The entire group helps one another to improve their skills and bond over what else…but, booze and yarn.

got more questions?: follow the FACEBOOK PAGE for up to date weekly updates, patterns, and more. if all else fails, email email me at

Cine Meccanica: Stick around after Booze & Yarn for Cine Meccanica at 8pm to continue knitting and mingle with the local motorcycle and hot rod community for free vehicular films. You’d be surprised how many knitting bikers there are!

Cause everything’s better with gin!


The Return Of Booze & Yarn

April 14, 2014

Booze & Yarn

Yes, you heard right kiddies…Booze & Yarn is BACK!!
It’s been a while, but we now have a wonderful new home and a perfect night. 

Starting April 16th join us each and every Wednesday from 6-8 for a happy hour knitting session hosted by your fearless leader, yours truly (me…Corinna) for free knitting instruction and a good old gathering of the gang.

Where? Why, Lady Jay’s of course. 633 Grand St, Bklyn NY 11211

I’ll be behind the bar, so you can be sure the light will be right, and the booze bountiful. There’s even a gorgeous back patio!…


‘What else is in it for me?’ you say?!

Well, at 8pm, we’ll be switching gears and throwing on biker/hot rod flicks from my alter ego Cine Meccanica. Check that website for a full film schedule.


biker/hotrod flicks and yarn?? yes. absolutely!


So, grab some yarn, needles and hop on over to Lady Jays Brooklyn for infamous, free knitting class and social circle…BOOZE & YARN!

Have a question? hot me up at
‘Cause everything’s better with Gin.


February 15, 2013

155240_10151453820503738_1968775609_n“Fans of the brooding, mysterious, non-meat-eating English singer-lyricist Morrissey recently packed the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at LIU Post in Brookville for his first-ever Long Island appearance. They included bearded New Jersey Mercedes-Benz mechanic Christopher Flynn, who stood out in a hand-knit sweater — made by his girlfriend, Corinna Mantlo, as a Christmas present — paying homage to the former Smiths front man.”

Smokey, bourbon spiked Hot Chocolate

December 1, 2011

Today’s cocktail courtesy of Booze & Yarn founder Corinna Mantlo, for Happy Homesteader .

There’s nothing better on a cold night than a piping hot cup of hot chocolate…that is unless you take it a smokey, spiked one!

Ingredients (makes 2 cups)

2 cups milk

1/2 smoked chipotle pepper (seeds removed)

1 Mexican chocolate tablet (approximately 3oz) – see below

4oz Bourbon Whiskey (I’m a fan of Bulliet Bourbon)

pinch sea salt

Mexican chocolate tablets pressed chocolate rounds, generally 3oz each. They come sweet, semi, or unsweetend. depending on the region, they will also include sugar granules, almonds, cinnamon, or other local spices. I bring back a stash of local, market bought tablets every time I go to Mexico, but you can find it in your local Mexican grocer, or Moctezuma is a good brand that can be bought HERE


Combine milk, chocolate tablet and chipotle in a saucepan over medium heat and whisk constantly using a molinillo. The molinillo is a wooden stirrer that serves two purposes. The bottom has notches cut into it that will help break up the chocolate, and the mid section has several rings that spin around then the molinillo is turned, this aerates the milk to keep it from boiling over and to give the hot chocolate a light, frothy texture. To whisk the mixture, place the molinillo in the pan, with the bottom touching the pan bottom. upright, with the handle between your open palms, roll your hands back and forth (as if rubbing your hands together to warm them). You can buy a nice molinillo stirrer HERE

Remove and discard the chipotle pepper

Add salt and bourbon

Pour into two cups evenly and serve.


The wonderful, etched stainless steel flask seen above courtesy of Izola

– Corinna Mantlo, for Happy Homesteader 

Beginner Kits

November 30, 2011

Everything you need to start knitting…and in style!


Via Meccanica Yarn
Size 7 Knitting Needles
“The fun way to learn knitting” instructional comic book
Hand silk screened custom Booze & Yarn Tote Bag.

The fun way to learn knitting: Written by Corinna Mantlo, Art by Vickers Bastard Gringo. This book, as well as Via Meccanica yarn in a variety of colors are also sold separately in the store.

Order yours today!
If kits are being ordered for class, the shipping fee will be refunded upon pickup.

Booze & Yarn introduces Via Meccanica!

November 29, 2011

Booze & Yarn’s retail venture, Via Meccanica is proud to introduce its own line of yarn. This soft and earthy 100% Pure Virgin Wool is perfect for any project, and only gets softer with wash and wear. Produced in a 150 year old, family owned and operated woollen mill, using machines dating to the 1930’s; this yarn has the quality, feel and wearability of the vintage knitted goods we all love so much. Available in 12 colors, and 2 & 3 ply weights. Knits up lovely on size 5 needles to 4.5sts per inch. Approximately 126 yards per hand wound ball for $7.

We hope you’ll give it a try!

now in the STORE

Isle of Manhattan cocktail

November 28, 2011

Join Booze & Yarn tomorrow night for a Manhattan sipped over a pile of yarn and some good conversation!


Otto’s Shrunken Head, 538 East 14st

Stick around after for Cine Meccanica, screening Knightriders (1981) at 9pm!

The history of the Manhattan has a fairly convincing story behind it, only because it is so often repeated. Basically the drink was made for Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill’s mother at the Manhattan Club in the 1870’s and it was thoroughly enjoyed and became popular. The story has been picked apart and it seems it may not be true. The reality is that the Manhattan was probably one of the five borough cocktails (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queen’s and the Staten Island cocktail) made to represent the parts of New York city. – Art of the Drink

1 1/2oz Bourbon – I recommend Makers Mark

1/4oz Sweet Vermouth

dash of Stirrings Blood Orange Bitter

Garnish – Marashcino cherry

I also like to call this a “Rumble Seat Manhattan” ever since turning the trunk of a 1979 Lincoln into a cocktail lounge the night before The 2904, 2009

Corinna Mantlo, Photo by David Cohen

A Day For Girls, Bloody Mary Sew-athon!

August 4, 2011

view the Printable PDF flyer here: GIRLS

Give a girl back EVERY day of her life

Across the globe, woman and girls are isolated during their menstrual cycle. Because of a lack of funds to buy disposable feminine products, these young women are barred from school and work every month. This affects their ability to support their families and to persue an education with their male peers.

Days for Girls is a non profit organization that makes and distributes washable sanitary pad kits to women in these communities. One kit can improve a girl’s life immensely and will only take an afternoon of your time.

Please join Booze & Yarn & Otto’s Shrunken Head, and sponsored by Bust Magazine on Sunday, August 14th, to lend a hand to help women in impoverished communities get on with their lives. We will be cutting and assembling kits and all skill levels are welcome.

There will be 3 sewing machines available and we will be using this as an opportunity to also teach basic sewing techniques, while constructing the kits.

Stop on by to help the cause and have a cocktail or three…Bloody Maries of course!

RSVP on the FaceBook Invitation A Day For Girls, and spread the word!!

– Corinna, Booze & Yarn founder

Can’t make the event?

Check out the Days For Girls website for donation, volunteer, pattern information.

It’s that time again!

March 14, 2011

The 3rd annual “First Craft of Spring”

Deadline: March 19th, 2011

On March 20th2011 Booze & Yarn, will be joined by artists all over the country for the 3rd annual First Craft of Spring. The sole purpose of the project is to promote public art and community initiative. Change is possible and even a bleak landscape can be transformed overnight by individuals. Be a part, take a walk to see the blooms, perhaps even pick one by your favorite artist…but most importantly, enjoy and embrace the first day of spring!

The project has been a great success the last 2 years, with artists across the country creating unique and beautiful flowers. Please join us!


1. The only flower type to be used for this project is the Daffodil.

2. Daffodils can be knitted, crocheted, sewn, drawn, screened. Any artistic medium is accepted.

2. Each flower should have a tag with a positive message or quote. You can use any message you want. The tag should be easily visible to viewers

3. Each tag must say below the quote: “First Craft of Spring”

4. On March 20th, earlier in the day the better, find locations anywhere on your daily route, and “plant” your flowers.

5. Take a photograph of each flower you plant. Cell phone pictures are fine in a pinch. Make as many flowers as you can, and plant them anywhere and everywhere.

7. Email them to me, to post to the blog with a location, your name, and  the art medium used. You can also include contact details to you, your artwork or your website. (

Please pass this call for artists on to as many people in as many cities as possible.

Click here for the knitted daffodil pattern That you are more than welcome to use, or adapt.

Hope you all can participate in this public art experiment!

Corinna Mantlo

Booze & Yarn founder

Need a new hat? Take this one.

March 17, 2010

I first met Stacy at Booze & Yarn a few years back. She inspired me and cracked me up the minute we met, and we quickly become good friends. She has a huge heart and this winter she came up with a humble little project that proves that yet again, and I just love it. I hope this project inspires you to follow in her foot steps. I know I’ll be stockpiling knitted hats for next winter to do just that.

I pinned Stacy down to ask her about the project recently via email (as she is on a beach outside of Oaxaca, Mexico) and here was her response:

In February 2010, having just turned in my first book, I was rightfully exhausted.  I’d spent the winter months hunched over my desk in my tiny NYC studio apartment, slogging through the final edit, and dreaming of a) moving to Mexico to live on the beach and b) having time to knit.  I had a trunk full of yarn waiting for me, begging to become elaborate sweaters, but when I sat down to knit one early February night, I discovered I had approximately no brain cells left.  I was struggling to speak in complete sentences and not fall asleep in the middle of conversations, how the hell was I supposed to knit a sweater?

I rummaged through one of the large Mason jars in which I keep my needles and pulled out a crochet hook.  Having learned to knit first, and taught myself to crochet out of a book in an evening, I admit I viewed the latter with a knitter’s snobbery.  I was somewhat embarrassed to be seen at my knitting group working with a single hook while everyone else had shiny things in both hands.  However, that dark winter’s night I had an awakening: crochet was fast and easy, and I had a lot of single skeins of yarn.  I picked up a ball of bright orange Cascade 220 and made a simple double-crochet hat in the time it took to watch a movie.

From then on, I was unstoppable.  I made a double-crochet hat every night.  I gave a few away to the friends who wanted them, but I soon had a few just laying around.  One very cold night I pinned a note to one of them: “Need a warm hat?  Take this one.”  I went downstairs, put it on top of a fire hydrant, and made a deli run.  By the time I came back, the hat was gone.  I averaged a hat a day, left on my street, each with the same note pinned to it.  It was an excellent way to pass the last few stressful weeks in the City, before I gave up my apartment on March 1 and moved to Mexico to live on the beach.

Stacy Pershall’s first book, Loud in the House of Myself: Memoir of a Strange Girl, will be published by W.W. Norton in January 2011.